Pitt's only Women's Hackathon! Hackers. Mentors. Speakers. Prizes. Jan. 20th - Jan 22nd, 2017 at the University of Pittsburgh.


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$6,400 in prizes

First Place (4)

Second Place (4)

Third Place (4)

Most Creative (4)

Most Philanthropic (4)

FirstInsight Prize (4)

What would they pay game?

The goal is to create a proof of concept engaging game experience that collects information about products or ideas from people who want to participate in the game. It should allow a player to review a name, description, and picture of the product, set a price for what an average consumer would pay for it, indicate sentiment (positive and negative) and also to add comments.

Items (max of 15)
Item name – text field (max 128 characters)
Item description (text field; max of 512 characters)
Images (max of 5 per item)
Max image dimensions: 1024 x 1024 pixels
Range of prices which the user can select as what someone would pay for it (for simplicity, we can go with a range from $0 to $50 with increments of $10 for the game)
Ability to indicate sentiment (Love it, Like it, Neutral, Leave it or Hate it); these could be icons which the user can click to make a selection
Ability to add comments (text input; max of 256 characters)

Functional Requirements:
The player should be presented with one item at a time
The player should be able to view item description
The player should be able to view all images for an item
The player should be able to set a price for the item
The player should be able to set a sentiment for an item
The player should be able to add comments for an item

Non-functional requirements:
Technology stack could be JQuery, JQuery mobile; for now, the item related information could be read from static files (no need to implement a DB)
Click through rate per player should be greater than or equal to 90%; we want to make sure that the user stays engaged to review all items (max of 15) and not drop off in the middle.
Web application should run on the following devices
MacOSX or Windows
iPhone, Android

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How to enter

Register at http://go.innovation.pitt.edu/sheinnovates and check in at the kick-off party on Friday night between 5pm - 5:30PM. Submit your final project to ChallengePost by 9:30AM on Sunday. Attend the project expo at 10:00AM.




Judging Criteria

  • Technical Difficulty
  • Originality
  • Progress
  • User Experience